full body check-up or preventive health check-up

So many reasons why full body check up or preventive health check up is a must Urban India is facing a health crisis. The modern lifestyle of continuous work while living in a urben polluted environment has led to health deterioration.

Diseases like heart attack etc.

All of us know that the humen body diseases that never affected our grand parents have started impacting young. Diseases like heart attack, blood pressure which were considered the diseases of the middle aged or the old, are striking the young Indians early on.
They were stay live long life.
We have all heard of the senior executive at a multinational who died, while exercising at a young age.

Full Body Health Checkup in India

Stress of many work : Many of us work in a stressful work environment where 9 to 6 work every day in schedule is followed by hectic commute. We keep staring at our smart phones and computers throughout the day. This creates a huge stress in our body. The conspicuous manifestation is muscle / bone pain but internal organs are also bearing the brunt. A full body health checkup can bring out the internal deterioration of our body.
Polluted Environment: We live in those cities where air pollution is a leading cause of heart attacks or brain strokes, heart attack. Our water may be polluted and the food we eat is laced with chemicals and antibiotics. The laxity of the Indian regulator is well known. These factors cause a toxic cocktail that impacts our entire body. Kidney and liver are the most impacted organic due to our bad food and water. Hormones are getting out of balance due to air pollution. A whole body health check up generally covers kidney function test, liver function test and thyroid function test. These tests point out health issues early on. This makes us aware and helps to manage our health and / diseases better.

Less exercise: According to most of doctors, a minimum of 5.5 kms of walk everyday is required at least 4 to 5 days a week for maintaining our health. In cities like Delhi, walking has become a luxury. Sitting entire day at the desk staring at computers causes physical discomfort but long term health issues. A full body health checkup can point out the issues early one and encourage us to manage our exercise routine more diligently.
Lack of Sleep: Most of studies on sleep suggest that we require an eight-hour sleep to fully rejuvenate. The studies suggest that on an average urban Indian are getting less than 6 to 7 hours per weekday. Lack of sleep causes us to feel tired and irritated. Regular lack of sleep can cause severe health damage and result in faster ageing, hair fall and dry skin and much more. It also impacts other organs in a big way. The reason why the 45 to 50 year old “healthy” multinational executive died was the lack of sleep. Apparently he was getting less than 4 to 5 hours a day.
At wellcare Diagnostic, we have made it very easy for you to get your full body health check up in Delhi, done. We have selected our preventive health packages that cover most humen body organs and can come under every human budget according too.

Home collection available for full body check is arranged and reports are online / emailed back. You may select our full-body health check up packages on the website and book them or call our adviser. The home collection facility is absolutuley free.

Full Body Health Checkup in Delhi | Blood Test

The above all checks can be arranged (home collection available) in Delhi, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad, Haryana, Punjab, Patna, all Bihar, India, Mumbai, Pune. For the other cities in India, we offer some other customized packages too.
Then why to wait, Call us our advisor helps to decide your package according to you.

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