फुल बॉडी चेकअप में क्या क्या होता है ? | Why need full body checkup?

Why need full body checkup?

Full body checkup not only saves from premature diseases, but also saves money spent on those serious diseases. There is no age limit for getting a full body checkup, whether there is a risk factor or not. According to health experts, even if your health is absolutely fine and you do not have any lifestyle diseases, then for good health, you must do your full body checkup regularly from the age of 35 onwards. Let us know what happens in full body checkup?

Every year approx 10 crore people in the world to protect the heart.

Millions of people across the country become victims of heart disease. There are 30 million people suffering from heart diseases in our country. 40 percent of women in the country are heart patients. In Delhi alone, about 2.5 lakh people are in the grip of heart disease. There are 30 heart patients per 1000 population. More than 40 lakh people die every year due to smoking. There are about two crore 30 lakh patients of diabetes in our country.

If the main causes and symptoms of heart disease, hypertension, cancer etc. are diagnosed on time, then these diseases can be prevented.

Complete List of Our Full Body Checkup Package:

  • Blood test:
  • Diabetes :
  • thyroid test heart disease :
  • high blood pressure :
  • Fat and cholesterol test:
  • Cancer screening:
  • ECG urine test:
  • Eye exam:
  • Ear examination:
  • Liver function test etc

For Detail of full body health checkup in Delhi

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