Why needs regular health checkup?


it is always good to test full body health checkup regularly. Full health checkup in delhi ncr helps to improve your health to make healthy and keeps up-to-date in today life style.

All Test Available at Wellcare Diagnostic Centre

Accourding to news paper & many doctors say that if you wants to live healthly life and keep neat and cleen your body then definetly go to regular health chekup.
Our preventive health check-up fulfill your needs according to your test and lowest budget.
We “Wellcare Diagnostic Centre Vipin Garden Delhi” provide cheapest full body health check up & test e.g. Full body check-ups, including dengue test, chikungunya test, complete hemogram (CBC) Liver function test (LFT), blood sugar test, All Type of Blood Test, kidney function test (KFT), BUN, Creatinine, BUN/Creatinine Ratio, Urinanalysis, Electrolytes, Uric acid, lipid profile Thyroid T3, T4, TSH, glucose, Vitamins profile, Elisa T.B., Ultra Sound Test, Colour Dopler Test offering Affordable Health Packages, Sputum Test, Stool Test, Urine Test, HEART, offers Best Corporate Full Health Checkup across Delhi NCR and all blood test you need.
We works the best capacity utilization of diagnostic centres and hospitals and we are glad we are able to improve patient in-flow volumes, reduce costs with pick-up facility, improve quality and enhance service delivery yardsticks.
Our mission and Visions to create awareness about preventive health care tests and help people understand the importance of self health care and resolve their health issues at the earliest.
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